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This is a blog about the everyday. It contemplates and universalizes events in the workplace, social situations, current events, literature, and more. Some articles offer a new perspective while others apply psychological theories in the simplest ways. All articles start a conversation.

It is written by yours truly, Rohini (Ro) Venkatraman, a coffee enthusiast based in San Francisco. Perpetually in search of a good story (and a publisher for my children’s book), I live for big unsolved problems, well-designed experiences, and psychological discussions. I am currently a Business Designer at IDEO, before which I was a product manager in tech. I have a degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. You can read more of my writing on MediumTwitter, or your Kindle. All my articles express my personal views.

If you’d like to discuss writing opportunities, I’m all earsI am a weekly contributor to Inc.com and contribute to Irrational Labs. I am published in magazines like Women 2.0 and Pragmatic Marketing. My past work has been covered by Forbes and Inc.

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