Descending the Corporate Ladder

Descending the Corporate Ladder is good company for anyone in pursuit of passions.

Intertwining transformative stories from this blog with a coming-of-age subplot, Descending the Corporate Ladder exposes the raw truth about what it means to be a twenty-something: A continual search for a niche, companion, and purpose in life. Sold already? You can start reading for free here.

The Story

Increasingly frustrated with how her corporate life (using buzzwords like “leverage” and “low-hanging fruit”) is draining her creativity, Sabena Rao decides it’s time to do those “big things” her Commencement speaker promised she would accomplish. A recreational blogger, she impulsively decides to write a book. Though she is initially discouraged that she hasn’t accomplished anything worth writing about, she slowly discovers that her life is a series of chapters: being faulted when she isn’t as aggressive as male coworkers; facing harassment as an Indian-American studying in France; choosing complacency with a flawed relationship over loneliness. From describing how to make friends after college to showing why quitting is not always the easy way out, this novella exposes what nobody tells you about entering the real world.

Reader Reviews

“Though it particularly resonates for those twenty-somethings lost in the amorphous realm of “post-grad,” it is a joy to read at any age.” –NM, Amazon Review

“A book about a girl who’s no different from any other college graduate roaming around The Bay shouldn’t pull at every emotion conceivable but it does.” -Amazon Reader Review

“The novella reads like a conversation with an old friend – the kind where you completely lose track of time and hours feel like minutes.” -RR, Amazon Review

“Not only does the subject of Venkatraman’s book embody a millennial ideal, but the way she went about publishing serves as a primer for others looking to disrupt the traditional model of publishing.” Forbes

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